Training and Development: People and Organisations

Primary and Community Care services are ‘people’ services and Innovision recognises that supporting and developing clinical and non-clinical staff is vital in the growth of sustainable high quality clinical services. Innovision also recognises that staff must be supported by a comprehensive and appropriate system for integrated governance. This requires an alignment between clinical systems and process, corporate policies and procedures (particularly around information governance) and robust systems for managing complaints, reporting incidents and identifying and prioritising risks.

Innovision has long been providing clinical and non-clinical training internally and externally through a range of dedicated training modules. The starting point is to assess an organisation’s training needs that take account of current and future services. From that comes the development of a tailored training programme that matches staff skills and competencies with the range of services being delivered and those that may be planned for the future. This would include a comprehensive range of clinical competencies where appropriate.

For Organisations, Innovision can review current structures and assess the suitability of current policies and procedures, recommending updates and improvements where necessary. Changes to policies and procedures may require additional training for staff and clinicians which Innovision would be able to provide.

Whether it is a single training module on infection control or a head to toe comprehensive organisational review, Innovision has the resources and expertise to deliver. Innovision also recognises that resources are limited and so would be able to propose a staged programme of development and training that took account of the availability of current and future funding.

To discuss your training and development needs please contact: or call 020 8360 5405.

Details of courses that we are currently offering are available here.

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