As the range and scale of Innovision’s work has increased, they have been able to develop a robust, and cost effective, infrastructure for sourcing a variety of supplies from gloves and disposable equipment to seasonal vaccines.

Innovision is now able to manage a significant part of the supply chain for provider organisations which enables them to maximise their cost effectiveness by having access to bulk purchasing while ensuring that services to patients are not interrupted through lack of equipment.

In addition, Innovision’s recent contracts have provided the incentive to develop the necessary infrastructure to provide some of the more significant elements of facilities management such as cleaning and security services. Frequently the patient’s experience is marred by elements which are regarded as being outside of the provider’s control. However by applying the same high standard of quality control to the provision of these back-room services, Innovision is able to ensure a consistently high level of satisfaction from both the people who use the service as well as those who provide it.

Innovision believes that being able to provide these vital elements of the supporting infrastructure for healthcare services is a key component in ensuring a consistently high quality healthcare provision and is a good illustration of Innovision’s integrated approach to service delivery.

For enquiries about supplies please contact: or call 020 8360 5405.

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