Marketing & Web Development

Whatever service you are providing it is important that patients, and other healthcare professionals, understand what it is, when it is available and how to gain access to it. This is becoming more crucial to the success of a service as the range and complexity of provision increases and organisations are chasing a share of ever reducing budgets.

Innovision has faced this challenge many times and can help you develop a successful marketing strategy for your service, support you in its delivery and monitor its success.

Innovision is in a unique position. Although committed to delivering services in partnership with the NHS, Innovision operates within the private sector and so is able to access a range of skills yet apply them within the ethos of social enterprise in a way that is understandable and acceptable to patients and the NHS commissioners who purchase services.

Part of any marketing strategy is the development, implementation and maintenance of a web site. Innovision has wide experience of producing service specific websites for a range of providers which capture the culture and ethos of the organisations that they represent as well as providing patients with descriptions of the services available and details of how to access them. This has also included the development of a visual brand for each service which would include a logo and corporate colours.

It is important that people who use the service are able to feed back their experiences. This can be done in a way that not only creates a resource for the future development of the service, but also allows the organisation to demonstrate that involvement to healthcare commissioners. Innovision is able to include this as part of any marketing strategy.

For enquiries about marketing or web design services please contact: or call 020 8360 5405.

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